Monday, February 11, 2013

How to let off some frustration

Not to celebrate being sick but to deal with my frustrations from being sick.
Made this spread last week when I was once again sick.
I am refusing to get sick any more for awhile.
If I really have any say in that.
I started by painting the pages yellow over the gesso. Then I added a watered down dark blue and before it dried I rubbed some off in a circular motion.
You can see that here.
I painted the messy edge a lighter blue and added yellow paper tape all around as a border for my design.
There big red cross is what I felt like I needed-medical help!!
Oh yeah, before the dark blue paint went on, I scribbled my frustrations with a black sharpie. Don't think you really need to read everything I ever write in this book.
I used some various green Dylusions spray (there are 3 now!) to spray blobs around my stamped, colored and cut out germs. That's how slimy these colds are and that's why I sprayed these green blobs.
I added the achoos and blows with white pen and colored in the achoos with a dark green Sharpie.
These are the stamps I used. You can't get these any longer- their from the old Cornish Heritage Farms- before they shut down and then got bought out. The new company doesn't have any Kim Hughes stamps for sale, but she does has her own stamps now- Paper Smooches. Not sure if she has this whole set for sale but she does have a similar set with all the little germies. You'd have to check out Paper Smooches.

Stay Healthy

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Anita Houston said...

I SOOOO feel this! Been sick myself! FUN! I can see that this would! Cute images!