Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mr. Handsome

Mr. Handsome poised for a modeling session the other afternoon.
"Oh what's that moving over there?" The something catching his eye outside look.
The pretending not to care look.
Looks say more than words. Here he is putting on his go away face.
The getting sleepy cat look.With a little bit of aggravation because I am still there clicking away.
The please leave me alone I am getting annoyed look. The not so happy but more ready to fall back to sleep look.
I figured he sat through several clicks of my camera shutter so I gave him his wish, I left him alone.
Modeling session over.
I went and checked out my new book that arrived in the mail.
I am looking for some secrets about travel sketchbooks.
Not that I have mastered travel sketchbooks. 
It is one of those things I think about doing and would like to do and one of these days will do.
Just doesn't seem to be a lot of sitting time when I travel.
At least not out and about to sketch.
But I aspire to travel sketching and know that one of these days I will do some type of sketching on my journeys.
For now I will admire other people's work, read what they have to say, and do my own travel journals.
Mine is all ready for next week.
I know I showed you a while back but here's a few more views.

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