Sunday, February 17, 2013

One Week

Five more days of school until vacation. One week from now I will be on a Southwest Plane flying to New Mexico.

My friend Vicky sent me a rough itinerary. Here's a few places she suggested we spend some time at.
This would be really cool since Vicky is an archaeologist and knows all kinds of things she can tell me about.

A girls spa day. Oh my, how delicious sounding.

And  2 girls shopping adventure(s)
Maybe not this particular place, but I borrow this photo since I love the shop southwest across the top.
(and I checked out edgebrook's  Flicker photos and there are some super ones)
A visit to Santa Fe
Santa Fe City of Enchantment by David and Joan Vokac
and a few other things.
Who knows what we will discover?
Thanks for stopping by!

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