Friday, March 8, 2013

10 Things Friday

10 Things Friday again.
This week, 10 more photos from my trip.
Some colors and flavors of Northern New Mexico.
Love these Mexican clay pots.
Very cool tile wall design
Cool relief on a stone wall
Wall mural to look like a Native American clay pot
Bright cheery window painting. There's that turquoise again.
Talking with an artist painting in a parking lot. Here's his palette.
If you don't have a window and you want one, just paint it on your wall.
Door and rug outside of a weaving shop. I noticed too that I got a reflection of this great historical church reflected in the window of the door too.
Can't forget I was in the wild west. This horse mural is a good reminder.
And finally
How about this cool mural in the window of a bookstore.?
We're getting snow today-snow day. Who'd have thought? Was hoping for a delay, but I'll take a snow day-4 day weekend for me since I am taking Monday off-I have an intern and Katie is off and home for spring break- she has a drs appointment...then we'll do something together-I could use a little recharge after traveling during our break.
So this is the final weekend of the regular Hockey East college hockey season. Maine is hovering in 8th place out of 10, and we could still drop to 9th place, which would mean we wouldn't get into the play-offs. And this weekend we're playing the University of New Hampshire- our local university where the daughter goes. Not only the rivalry at home but the big rivalry in general.
We have tickets for the games tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll win both nights, but when we play UNH, all bets are off.
Will fill you in tomorrow how tonight's game goes.
Thanks for stopping by.

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