Friday, March 29, 2013

10 Things Friday

This week 
10 random photos.
They are very random too.
Been sleeping a lot this week - just wiped out.
Busy too with car and hair appointments, my field trip at school, being from tired from last weekend's late hockey games...a huge huge pile of papers to grade...just a lot on my plate.
So here we go!
Balling up some yarn I bought in New Mexico. You can tell I am working on my kitchen counter.
Still have a few more skeins to go.
Cloth flower parts I die cut, use a GAC fabric stiffener on then and then when dry I molded them  and made some fun flowers.


My latest read. Got the suggestion off of Dispatch from LA blog. Its pretty good, but am really liking reading about Italy, about being away. This lingering winter is making me want to disappear to some place exotic.
Anemones at the aquarium on Wednesday.


We can pretend we are snorkeling in some Caribbean reef looking at this photo.

Add a few pretty fish and it makes it even more exciting.

Cool shadows in my yard last Sunday, look how much snow we had then!
It is about 1/2 gone but that means we still have a lot.

Also last Sunday at Merrymeeting Lake. If you follow me, you'll see I work at this lake during summer. And I have friends who live on the lake and we like to jet ski here.
But not like this.

Finally found this book on Amazon's used sellers for a really good price-it retail's at $40 but found it for $12.99.  Yeah! I have been wanting it and though I haven't started to read it, I looked through it and it is inspiring and full of glorious color.


Do you like my new rain shoes? Used some of my birthday money to get these a couple of weeks ago when LL Bean had them on sale. I LOVE the red, can't wait for it to get warm enough that I don't need my Smart Wool socks-you see the lines on my feet in this LOVELY photo from having those on.

Happy Friday everyone!

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