Monday, March 4, 2013

Guess What?

Today is my birthday.
I won't tell you how old I am.
And I am going back to work after a week off and my fun adventure in New Mexico.
Oh don't I wish I was there right now.
But it is back to reality.
I am going to wear one of the new pieces of jewelry I bought on my trip-
I was bad- bought several pieces-
nothing super expensive but Taos and Santa Fe are silver jewelry lovers paradises.
This morning I need something fun to give me a little boost -
I would rather be doing this-in my bed!
Someone is VERY happy to have me home and he will be crushed when I have to head out for work.
I am crushed too-ha-ha.
And since it is my birthday, here's a sort of celebratory card. I made this before I went away.
The cute little beer steins are from Paper Smooches.
It is very simple card except that I added this St. Patrick's Day pin that I had in my stash. Going to drop it in the mail out to my daughter-the college girl who is able to go out this this year since she is now 21. St. Patrick's Day isn't all that far away. And that means it isn't all that long until it is SPRING!
I love that.
Thanks for stopping by. Time to get this sad state of a body off and ready for another day at school.

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