Monday, March 11, 2013

Vacation Dreaming

The snow day Friday made this past weekend feel like a vacation- nice to have after being away for my vacation.
My daughter is off this week and  I am taking today to spend some time with her. It is always a little dicey with a 21 year old who has a boy friend and is away at school for finding some quality time together.
Not sure what is on the agenda, but need to figure that out depending how long a doctor's appointment lasts.
So back to Taos today for some more photos.
My theme today, things would not see in New England.
Cow skulls hanging for decorations.
(Although me being a geeky biology person I might do that)
Cemeteries with so many colored plastic flowers in the snow.
With our old Puritan history here, this much color out-pouring in a cemetery is unheard of. 
Religious nichoes and clay pots in a downtown shopping plaza.
We have speed bumps, not speed humps.
The cool styling on this window grate.
And these neat Navajo rugs.
How about a few more shots since I have a lot more to show you...I took over 900 photos all in all.
No one hangs chili peppers outside in New Hampshire.
I wish restaurants in New Hampshire would offer this on the breakfast menu. 
And we don't have stores selling these bright and fun Mexican blankets.
Wish I bought one for myself.
(Next trip!)
And these cool little kiva fireplaces. They do send out a lot of heat though. 
That's it for today. 
More another time.
Thanks for visiting.

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