Saturday, April 27, 2013

10 Things Saturday

Wow that sounds very strange to me since for over 1 year I have been doing the 10 Things Friday list. But since it is meant to be the end of a week wrap up, I think it is time to move it to Saturday- which really is the end of the week. 
I'll give it a try-since in blogland I can make the rules on my own blog.

My vacation week list
1-It went too fast!!!!!!!!!
(of course, that always happens)
2-Staying home I did too much work- love that I did all this work, but what happened to all the play time I thought I would have?
3-I got out walking most mornings which was fantastic! Time to get back into it.
4-I am going to finish reading at least 1 of the books on my list!!!!!
5- Still truck shopping for Dave. I hope when we go out today he buys one. I am tired of shopping at auto dealers. (Sorry if any of you are dealers or married to dealers or have family who are car salesmen) I hate that little game they play!
6-Got to see my mom, whom I haven't been to visit since Christmas time-which I always feel so bad about and it was a good visit.
7- My daffodils are about to bloom-and some of the maple trees have giant buds. Spring is really here!
8- I drove around part of the big lake the other day (Lake Winnipesaukee) and even though I knew ice was out, it was so great to see open water.
Spring really is here!
9- So yesterday I worked in the garden, dug in the dirt, planted some lily bulbs, pulled a few (already) weeds, got dirt under my fingernails.
It was fantastic!
10-Got my cabinet into my bedroom, bought a new little dresser at Homegoods, got organized and more prepared for spring. The new cabinet is a success and can't wait til we get the floor put down!!!!!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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