Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Trip to Oz

Don't know about you, but I get into creative grooves and find it hard to switch gears. Let me explain.  I find that even though the basic techniques are the same, the gears in my head do different things if I am making cards, scrapbooking, journaling, painting, etc. Once I get the gears going on one of type of craft, I seem to find it hard to switch gears easily. If I am making cards, I stay making cards.  If I am on a scrap-journaling kick, I just get into doing that.
Why is that?
Then I have to readjust those brain gears to get into another groove.
Sometimes I can jump back and forth with ferocity but not lately.
Lately my groove has been cards.
I make them for my daughter at college and send them off to her. Since I send several during the week, I like to make a big bunch of them. And seeing I am making so many, I tend to go simple. I like cards that aren't too too busy, because I've done that too and find for me, it just isn't happening.
So today, a couple of cards.They are pretty standard cards, nothing wildly unusual, but I still enjoy them. I used Crafty Secrets Oz set and some  Impression Obsession Wizard of Oz sayings. They are pretty fun sayings whether you are doing it up in Oz style or just doing something else. And I love the images from Craft Secrets. I think they are pretty old versions of the characters we are all familiar with.
I also like white cards- who knows why?
In the card above I started with an image from Craft Secrets which I stamped and colored and cut out. I added it, the saying, and then glued down some blue fabric trim, a piece of grey twine and then a cool gemstone which I had sitting around.  
And for card 2 today, I used a lot of the same theme and images, but a little different card. Again, Crafty Secrets ruby slipper image and another Impression Obsession saying. I started by die cutting 2 ovals (TIm Holtz/Sizzix), sprayed one with Dylusions red ink spray, outlined the smaller one with black Sharpie. I also outlined the piece of paper I stamped the saying on. Then I added the twine and some more of those gemstones.
I made these a couple of weeks ago. Still on the card binge- and although I'm not still making Oz cards, I am doing a lot with die cuts. I'm having so much fun too- so that is all that matters, right?
SL40 Wizard of OzImpression Obsession - Clear Stamp Set - Oz Collection 2
Impression Obsession - Clear Stamp Set - Oz Collection 1
Here's those stamp sets I used.
What have you been creating a lot of lately?/

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