Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More Mosaics

Yesterday I showed you my mosaic piece and today I am going to show you some more great tiles and mosaics, this time photos from my trip to New Mexico back in late February.
This is just a single tile, not a mosaic like the one above.
Beautifully simple, eh?
And this is one tile in a long border.
Cool background tiles in this nicho.

And how about this piece of art?
How about one (or maybe 2) more.
I am tired this morning-
I think sometimes Tuesdays are harder than Mondays. You know, second morning you had to get up and the weekend recharge has worn off.
Plus, there is so much work week ahead.
I know,
everyday is a gift but some mornings it feels like a gift being taken away.
It is colder again this morning-but should be only for today.

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