Friday, April 19, 2013

Travel Highlights

Since my vacation starts at 2:30 today, thought I would share some of my travel highlights from past vacations( instead of 10 Things Friday). I am mostly hanging home this week coming up, hopefully working in the yard (if the weather allows) and playing in my studio and taking a few little day trips. Nothing too adventurous or too exciting, but I am SO looking forward to a down week. I love having a week off at this time of year, a good recharge to get me through the rest of the school year and it is a fantastic time not be be in a classroom teaching too.
So here we go.

1-Going local in a foreign land-Glad I got to live with some extended family members way back in 1985 when I went with my Grandmother to Sweden for a month. Glad we took a few days to visit Copenhagen too.
2-My favorite beach vacation was at the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
3- Absolutely most beautiful and amazing scenery of the all the beautiful and amazing places I have been was Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies in Banff and Jasper National Parks.
4-Amazing but stinky place-Yellowstone
5-What I least expected to ever see- the Arctic Pack ice-flying to London in February and looking out the window of the plane
6- See the Northern Lights from Acadia National Park on a cold March night (Palm Sunday weekend) way back in college
7-Most wide open spaces and beautiful emptiness-Death Valley, California
8-Best winter beach walking city is San Diego, California
Also they have the best zoos.
9-Favorite big art museums was the Art Institute in Chicago and The D'Orsey in Paris
10-Craziest art museum of the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain
11-Favorite Natural History museum-The American Museum of Natural History in NYC
12-Best hike ever was the Narrows in Zion National Park
13-Most Magical sunrise was at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon
14-Favorite sort of local place to visit-the Coast of Maine
15-Places you visit and say "I can't believe I am here"- The Eiffel Tower- Paris, The  Colliseum- Rome, Pompeii, Provence-France,  Versailles-France, standing on the shore of the Mediterranean ocean, Mount Rushmore, SD, the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, England, The crazy Winchester House in California (wanted to see that since I was a kid), 
16- Most amazing engineered road drive- Going to the Sun in Glacier National Park
17-Most amazing bridges I have crossed-The Golden Gate, the bridge out to the Eastern Shore from Annapolis, Maryland
18-Best place to do things to do for not a lot of cash-Washington, DC
19-Not as impressive as I expected it to be- Crossing the Chunnel between England and France
20 Most amazing wildlife viewing- Black Hill in South Dakota, Glacier National Park and Banff and Jasper Parks in Alberta
21- The best 60 miles out of the way-going to Bryce Canyon in Utah
22-The best churches- Mission San Xavier del Bac south of Tucson, Westminster Abbey in London, Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
23- City with the most interesting architecture- Barcelona, Spain
24-Biggest art museum-the Vatican Museum
25-Best snorkeling- St. John, US Virgin Islands
26-coolest little cities- Taos, NM, Burlington, VT, Portland, Maine, Portsmouth, NH, Nimes, France, Savanna, Georgia
27-Longest daylight hours on a trip- Ornskladvik, Sweden in June (only some dusk, never total dark)
28-Prettiest shorelines-Northern California Coast, Maine Coast, Cape Cod National Seashore, 
29-coldest but coolest big city- San Francisco in July
30-hilliest city- San Francisco
31-most surprising to me how nice these  places were- Cheyenne, Wy, Coeur D'Arlene, ID,
32- Most artsy city- Santa Fe , NM
33- City with the craziest drivers- Rome (hands up)
34-coolest retro towns and cities-Northern California
35-best stamping store- the Ink Pad, NYC
36- Best art store-Sennelier in Paris
That's my list for today.
What would be on your list?

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