Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!

A wish for a great day for all you Mom's!
Here's me and my mom last fall on her 83rd birthday!
Don't think of this as Mother's Day for me; think of it more as a me day.
Katie is off at school- she has exams tomorrow and Tuesday and then she is done, but just hope she actually remembers!
I like the idea of having a day for me since yesterday was pure busy!
I got up, we went out to breakfast, went and got the  boat at my mother-in-law's where we store it all winter, brought it home, went to the marine store (did buy my new fishing license), went to the University of New Hampshire where Katie goes to get her big things-dorm fridge, rug, microwave, futon, loaded up the truck, got home and unloaded just to beat the downpours, went out for hot fudge sundaes, ran a few errands, and then got home just about 7 at night.
So today I want to play in the studio. I went to my fav craft store Friday after work and splurged on a few things I wanted-
This Brenda Walton die by Sizzix
Bo-Bunny - Trail Mix Collection - 6"x6" Paper Pad
this 6x6 pad of woodland themed paper from Bo Bunny
Lick & Stick™ Remoistenable Envelope Glue
some of this envelope glue from Lick and Stick to try
and a couple of new stamps from Stamopendous
Stampendous Cling Mounted Rubber Stamps - Kettle On
Stampendous Cling Mounted Rubber Stamps - Royal Insignias
It was a fun little shop!!!
When in there there was a son who took his mom in and was buying her some supplies she wanted for mother's day. What a great son.
I also want to read more of and maybe even finish my latest read:

I am enjoying it so far, and it is the last book in this series.
A little sad about that, but there is a time for all good things to end I guess.
I just hope I like the ending!
( I do see there is a what happens to them in the future book that comes out in late October though.)
Can't wait til June 16th for the new season to the HBO show to start!

So busy week ahead. Moving Katie home, tomorrow National Honor Society (which I am one of 3 advisors of) is running a blood drive, and I am spending a day taking 2 art classes with Dina Wakely!
I have taken classes with her before and she is a great teacher.
Can't wait to play and learn some new things. That is a Mother's Day gift in itself I think.

So I have a babbled on about me enough.
Hope you Mom's do something fun or spend some special time with your kids.
See you again soon.

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Mary Ann said...

hey you! i love that pic of you and your ma. take me for a spin on your boat :-))
happy fishing.
and mother's day