Monday, May 27, 2013


Today we do have bright blue skies, and it is a bit warmer than yesterday, but the breeze still has a chill to it. More like Columbus weekend.
But at least it isn't rainy today!!!!
Not sure what is on the agenda-maybe work in the yard.
This weekend has been relaxing but kind of uneventful for me-hoped for something more fun-
like putting in the boat-
but that is ok.
Last night I worked on another Shutterfly book- my latest photo obsession.
This time I was putting together photos from July, 2011 when my husband and I went to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
I really really liked it there and hope to go back some time.
So today I will share with you a few snapshots I rediscovered last night.
Makes me think it is summery and beach weather, or should I say, boating, weather.
Above is a photo from Duck, where we stayed our first 3 nights. A friend of mine had rented a house and we were there to celebrate her 50th birthday with her. 
I loved the pelicans there. We don't have them this far north in New Hampshire.
We went down to Ocracoke for a day and were having an outdoor lunch when this guy flew over, hoping some charter boat fishermen would look away from their catch just long enough for this guy to scoop them up.
Ocracoke was a quaint little place with miles of very empty beaches- even in mid-July. We spent some time in the sun and in a few hours, no one even passed by us. 
On the other end of the Outer Banks there were wild horses. We took a horse tour, since we didn't have a 4 wheel drive vehicle to maneuver over all the sand dunes. The horses were left here by the Spanish centuries ago.
And it is the land of pirates. Here's Dave with a new buddy.
And of course, any time you are near the ocean you find lighthouses. We saw 4, but here's a couple.
This one is Bodie Island, which you cannot climb and here's the one we climbed.
The views from the top were pretty cool.
I mentioned the empty Ocracoke beaches, on a Sunday afternoon, in mid-July, didn't I?
Just perfect.
Dave was wishing this was a real fish and that he caught it.
The other morning we went out to breakfast and I had some crab cake Benedict. Delicious. For a couple of morning I had an egg McMuffin type of sandwich with a crab cake and I tell you- crab cakes and eggs tastes fantastic together. Who'd of thought?
Look at this cute little group of ducks crossing the street in Ocracoke.
You know on parts of the Outer Banks you need to cross bridges to get from Island to Island and on other parts the land is so narrow that from the road you can see both the Atlantic and the Sound bodies of water at the same time.
I am dreaming here about warm days, that's for sure.  I had looked into going back there this summer, but we decided to head west instead. Not that I am complaining. After my trip to Taos, New Mexico last February I have been very much wanting to go the Mesa Verde National Park and see more  ancestral Pueblo dwellings, and that is on my the list for my trip this summer.
We had a lot of spectacular sunsets too. This one on the sound is particularly colorful.
So this summer we are off the the 4 Corners Region of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. Doing a bunch of National Parks. Can't wait for that.
Maybe next year we'll go back to the Outer Banks!
Have a great rest of your long weekend or great Monday if you don't get a long weekend.

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