Sunday, June 9, 2013

1 Week and Counting and a Few Other Important Items

Look what starts in 1 week
Right now Katie and I are rewatching season 1 and we recently rewatched season 5.
Got to be prepared for the new season-especially when it's been 10 months since the last season ended.
And  in  comparing season 1 and season 5 it is interesting to see how the show and story have progressed since it started 6 years ago.
And look what I found in Barnes and Nobel recently.

Have you ever glanced through this fantastic eye candy publication from Europe?
Wow. It was very pricey, but I still had to buy this copy and take it home and now I keep looking at it.
I figure once I am done browsing I will chop it up and use all the textured and great colored and interesting pages for art.
The publisher describes it this way
In this issue: a story on the love for pencils, creative inspiration from Paris, Amsterdam, Calgary & Berlin, DIY: make your own stamps, an ode to the typewriter, the life story of Mexican artist/writer Leonora Carrington and as extras, two window stickers and a garland
It is full of color and artsy kind of pages and interesting stories and cool layouts-not scrapbook layouts but cool graphic layouts that I find very inspiring. The articles are pretty interesting too-there's one about happiness that really spoke to me, and about letters to Juliet (not the movie but the one from Shakespeare).
It is good to find something just different enough that really speaks to you and gets your brain stirring in new ways.
I will say this magazine did that to me.
Now to change the topic once again-
So yesterday was a local quilting/knitting store's annual tent sale-
now you may think a tent sale is a mundane routine thing- but this store is amazing (too overwhelming for me actually) and attracts bus loads of quilters for this sale.
It is Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor, New Hampshire.
(for all photos)
This was last year.

These people, whoever they are since this photo is on the store's website, have practically camped out  on the porch of this little shopping area and are organizing their stash; those green bags and that blue bag are STUFFED fulled of fabric scraps.
I love digging through the fabric scraps but this year I restrained myself and didn't dig.
I just don't need any more fabric.
And if I start digging I can't stop digging and then it is just trouble.
I went with my sister-in-law yesterday afternoon. Having her there helped me restrain myself. I didn't buy much-I like to art sew but I am not a real die hard quilter.
Did find a couple of knitting books-


This particular book has been on my wishlist and I was glad to find it for $8.99 with an extra 25% off since we went late in the sale.
Love a good find!
Don't you?
See you again soon.

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