Thursday, June 13, 2013

Arm Chair Travel Day

So even though this is an insanely busy week, my one personal goal was to finish reading Inferno by Dan Brown. What I like about his books is not only the adventure, but the art lessons and traveling I get to do from the comfort of my couch.
This book took me to Florence, Venice and Istanbul.
Now I really want to go back to Florence and to finally see Venice (especially St. Mark's which he talks a lot about) and Istanbul to see the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. 
Wouldn't those trips be HUGE adventures?
And since my other latest obsession is making trip photo books, I thought I would show you a few untouched photos from when I went to Firenze/Florence in 2005.

Piazza della Signoria

View of some city spires and rooftops from inside the Palazzo Vecchio, the imposing building you see in the photo above this.
Bell tower to the Duomo, the ornate and giant cathedral Florence is famous for.
It is so big I couldn't even get it all in one photo.
A bit of the famous domes designed by  Brunelleschi. These 2 are no way near as massive as the big one you see in all the photos.
The fake David outside of the Palazzo Vecchio with a couple of pigeons on his head. We saw the real one in the Academy, and it was magnificent. They don't allow photos however.
Another crowded plaza filled with tourists just like me.
Another little street with traffic.
Who do you think this sign is meant for? In English to boot.
Olive branches and stone imagery.
Candy counter.
Another  famous outdoor statue,Perseus,  I believe by Cellini.
Close up of carvings on Il Duomo, the large Cathedral.
There's a lot of Florence we didn't see, since we were only there for a day. We took the express train up from Rome, where we were staying. I really need to go back, to see things like the Uffizi, which had huge long lines so we skipped it. Plus I wasn't prepared of what there was to see or do in this city, so I missed a lot like the famous bridge over the Arno and some of the other sights.
That's ok, leave me something to go back to see.
A couple of parting views.
Medici lion.
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