Sunday, June 23, 2013

On the Nightstand

Love this Sunday. Even though I have to work the next 3 days there are no kids. What a nice feeling.
Lots going on this weekend. Will fill you in one of these days.
So today, I want to show you a few books on my nightstand that I am reading and perusing  and educating myself just  a tad about.
First of all, my last pleasure book.
The ultimate road trip book- driving across country and eating one of my favorite foods-pie. YUM! The book includes a few recipes, some interesting insights and  fun girl type road trip stories. It is actually about 2 road trips on the pie search, a Volvo wagon called Betty and a even a bit of finding love. What more could a reader want in a book?
(Think it is also getting time to make another pie myself.  The book mentioned a bean pie- which is a new one to me. Not sure I want to make that right now, but one day, it could be interesting. Maybe after Wednesday when  have a bit more time I'll make me a big juicy fruit pie or maybe a cold lemon pie to beat the heat. Any other suggestions for tasty pie in this hot summer weather?)

The latest reading for fun book:

Just read the first chapter yesterday while working at the lake. I decided to read this since it is set in American southwest, and since I am heading that way in less than a month, thought I might get a little inspiration for this vacation. Haven't gotten very far into this so I can't judge anything about this book yet,will tell you more later. Haven't read any books in this series actually, even though some of them I think were first published back in the 1980's. Way back in time, practically a classic.

And also on the nightstand-or actually on my disastrous messy coffee table:
Getting ready for my trip in August seeing I know NOTHING about this country.
I also ordered a couple of other used volumes on tropical rainforest wildlife and plants.
Got them used on Amazon and I don't know if they're any good or not-but they looked pretty good. Plus, the price was just right. Gotta love getting some good used book for as little as a penny on Amazon!!!

This one got 5 stars!

I know NOTHING about this neck of the woods!

And in the arty department!
Bought this a few weeks ago and I have been reading it and can't wait to have some time to play with some of the ideas in this book. Pop up pages are intriguing me.
After Wednesday!
Man, feels like my summer vacation is never going to really start.

Educating myself about something I know very little about and want to know more about. I like this book because it isn't lots of in depth reading-you know, with lots of big words and little print and too much information, yet even though brief-this book is informative! I am getting a really good overview without falling asleep! When I have been working at the lake I read a little bit, one section at a time. Maybe by the time school  starts I will have finished it.
Or maybe sooner.

Finally, pulled this book off of the shelf. It's not new, but something I pull out and used while trip planning.

Yup, I'm planning driving routes for our July family vacation.
And I am
Planning on doing a lot of reading once I get past Wednesday!
(There's that mentioning of Wednesday again.)
Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy!
Thanks for visiting.

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