Thursday, July 18, 2013

Guest Blogger Today!

Mom and the rest of them are away, leaving me here with Emmie. I don't know where the dog is; he's not here, which is good, he won't eat my tuna on me, but maybe he got to go with them.
I hope Brian stops by to feed me more cat tuna, otherwise I may waste away to nothing. (Even though there are bowls of dry cat food- a man needs his meat and potatoes as those humans say.)
I hate when they go away.
I love it when Mom is home.
She lets me in and out as will and right now I want to go out.
Here's some photos that college girl Katie snapped with me the other day.
You know, I hate when she teases me but I do love the attention.
I miss Mom.
I even miss Dave. I like to tease him back because it really annoys him when I do.
And then she took these snuggle photos of us.

I guess I love the college girl too even if she does close her door so I can't sleep all day on my bed.
I just wish she didn't go off to college.
where are you?
When are you coming home?
Did I say that?
No, that was Emmie.
Did you leave a big note for Brain to clean the litter box this time,
since he didn't last time you guys went away and left us?
I think I'll go take a nap or watch for birds out the back window.

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