Monday, July 1, 2013

It was Nice to See the Sun

Welcome to July!
We're into the second half of the year-
Wow time does fly by, doesn't it?
So yesterday we had some sun, which was really nice to see after lots of wet days.
(And more wet days today and they say tomorrow)
I will say this past weekend ended up being nicer in the weather  department than they predicted.
So yesterday afternoon we went to my mother-in-laws, and I enjoyed my first swim of the season!
(Late for me this year!)
We also put in the boat- celebrating its 38th year on the lake.
I know it has seen better days but still pretty good that it is still running.
Here's Katie bring in after its inaugural run.
Even Harley enjoyed his boat ride when Dave took us all out for a cruise around the pond.
I will say, it was relaxing and a thoroughly enjoyable time.
This is my latest read, some ecology but instead of doom and gloom that so much environmental reading is, this book is a bit broader scope, not just about the ecology. The author writes this as a tourist visited some of the most polluted places on the planet. I am enjoying it- and it a pretty quick and easy read too. I enjoyed reading on the dock while the boat was being put into the water across the pond.
Now we start our holiday week here in the US- the Fourth of July, Independence Day. I'll be back here on Thursday to celebrate with the rest of my husband's family.
Let's hope it's sunny too!
What were you up this weekend and what's your holiday plans, if you celebrate?
Would love to hear any comments.

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