Friday, July 12, 2013

My SEWN book

Yesterday I stitched my book together. I cut out lots of hexagons using my patterned paper I made and then fashioned them into a cover.

I really like how it came out, and when you sew these onto the watercolor paper background- it really does become cloth, doesn't it?
Now it is time to fill this baby up with more patterns.
I am ready.


Michele said...

So happy and summer-y! You've done a great job putting your covers together and making a bold, cheerful statement. Aren't we just having the best time with Mary Ann in this class?

Say It In Color said...

Oh what a fun shape...I must try that one!! I really love your shapes and colors in the cut out shapes....some are like little abstract paintings on their own!! I have to work tomorrow and go to bed but SURE WANTED to stay up late and try another week!!! Really like this shape you chose!

Briana G. said...

Great cover! I love the pattern with the circle on the outside and the x in the middle.

Joyfulploys said...

Erika...I like it!!! I used triangles, next time, I'll choose a different shape. Have fun sewing!!!