Saturday, July 13, 2013

Traveling Plans

We leave in less than a week for our 4 Corners Region vacation-me, the hubby and the 21 year old daughter. Hmmm. Am very glad she's coming BUT also a little leary about how it will be, since she is 21 and can be kind of bossy sometimes. Hmmm. For example, she's not thrilled about sharing a room with us a couple nights of our travels-even though we got her her own bed, AND we are budget travelers. She will have to deal. Or she can rent her own room, but that isn't going to happen. I did manage to rent a condo for 1/2 our trip, so for that part she will get her own room.
We will most likely be as thrilled as she will be when that happens.
Anyhow, here's some items on our hope-to-do-agenda.
Way more than we will probably get to do, you know how vacations go.
And of course, there are always those discoveries you make once in a place that change plans.
But that's what are good about plans.
They aren't set in stone.
Hard Rock in Denver

This is what the 21 year old wants to do, and so we will, first thing, because we are good parents. (Plus we'll be hungry for lunch with the time change once we land and get organized.)
(Image from Hard Rock site)

Bought tickets already, so we will be riding the Durango and Silverton Railroad one afternoon.
(Image from Wilderness site)
Visiting Mesa Verde National Park
(image from Wikipedia)
Booked a room at the park lodge, so this will be on our list too.
Stand in 4 states at the same time.
(image from WikiTravel)

( for photo)
drive through Monument Valley

( for photo)
Go see Newspaper Rock in Utah

Visit Arches National Park
We will be staying in Moab part of our trip so pretty sure we will get here too.

Also visit Canyonlands National Park
Since it is so close to Arches.

Visit the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

 Spend lots of quality time with my 2 most favorite people.
I am already just worn out writing this post.
Whatever we get to see and do-
we'll have a BLAST.
That I know.
Thanks for stopping by-
till next visit.

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