Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In the Jungle

"In the jungle
The mighty jungle
The monkeys screams at night."
Those howler monkeys- they start at like 3 a.m.
Here we are, on one of our 2 rainforest hikes in Costa Rica.
One of those noisy howler monkeys we saw and heard.
I never saw wild monkeys before.
Pretty cool.
This how they look when they make their noises. 
Did you ever read The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver?
She describes the howler monkeys at the beginning of the book and it is a very memorable description.
Looking up!
No monkeys in these palm fronds.
And check out those leaf cutter ants.
They are all over but really pretty cool.
Those little leaf fragments are being carried by those leaf cutters on their ant superhighways through the rain forest.
They take the leaf pieces and use it to feed a fungi that they grow in their giant ant hills. That in turns feeds the young larva.
What adaptations
Why I find biology so crazy cool.
I never thought I'd be hiking in the rainforest and I did.
It was hot, damp, muddy, noisey, lush, fascinating.
Maybe not sound very appealing but it was.
More another day.
Thanks for visiting.

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