Saturday, November 2, 2013


Hi there readers out there in Blogland.
Thought today I'd show you 10
things that are inspiring my creativity right now.
A book off my bookshelf. 
I love the art of Henri Matisse.  This book shows not his paintings but his cut outs that he made later in his life by freehand cutting out images from painted paper.
Very cool images that are pretty abstract but you can tell what they are.
Think soon I'll be cutting out images for my journal.
Dylusions Ink Sprays - All the Colors - You Choose
Playing with these spray inks-
Since they came out they have been on my first reach go to list.
I love the colors.
Wish they'd put out these same colors in pigment spray also.
(Girls got to have both for all those projects.)
These Moroccan inspired Sizzix dies by Dena Designs.
I just love the shapes. I've been using a die cut as a stencil or mask in my journaling.

I am losing interest in fall and I am planning my holiday journal for 2013.
Kind of a December Daily, but I prefer to start mine at Thanksgiving and go right through New Years.

5. The thoughts of cleaning out my studio.
I haven't actually started, not yet.
But I have been pulling out the old things-
stamps that are 10 years old
paper in the bottom of the pile
embellishments in the stash that I forgot I had.
I am loving it!
Rediscovering old things is inspiring to me.
Doing the actual cleaning isn't so much but it is getting to that time.
Usually I do it every summer, but this year summer was too busy.
The mess-
plain old yukky.


Another book. Getting ideas for my holiday journal.
I saw some things that really tickled my fancy.
Actually got me to rip the pages out of an old book and gesso my covers.

Classic knitting patterns
Jane Austen Knits 2013
Picked these up over the last month or two.  Got me thinking about some winter knitting. Got to finish up a few projects first though.

Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 Gel Ink Pen - White Ink - UNI UM153.1
Except that they have to dry so they don't get smuggy, I love this pen.  And lately, I have been writing up a storm with one of these. Better get me a couple more so I don't run out and get stuck in my own tracks.

Not any one in particular. But have been using them a lot.

Here's just a couple I have been loving.


and lastly
Kind of like stencils-no one I am better loving than others.
Some Tim Holtz Distress Paint,
some Liquitex paint

These Liquitex paints are great-and they're nicely priced at places like Michael's. Especially when they have a sale like 3 of them for $10. Can't beat that.
If you haven't seen them, they're pretty good sized tubes too.

So that's what's been exciting me lately.
What have you been playing with a lot lately?
I'm always looking suggestions.
Enjoy your weekend!
and of course
Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

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