Thursday, November 7, 2013

Long Weekend Ahead

Spirit week is going on at school and I am already exhausted from it.
Every day is a dress up day-
blast from the past, pajama day, holiday day-yeeks.
One more day- school spirit day-
and the dreaded pep rally.
I have a long weekend ahead.
Tonight I am going to a guest lecture on oil spills
my geeky side coming out.
(Love it)
Its being given at a small local science museum
by one of my daughter's professors who I am actually quite curious to hear speak.
My daughter speaks very highly of this woman I am going to hear.
And tomorrow after work I have a Costa Rica reunion with my traveling companions.
Not sure what is up on my 3 day weekend-
but hopefully something fun.
Love these late season colors of these hydrangea flowers.
And then we had the hard frosts, and all the color was gone.
Amazing how here in New Hampshire, when we get into November, there is a certain look, how the colors just get sucked up into the air and everything turns brown.
Last Saturday was a gorgeous day. I snapped a few photos while I was out raking. I found one tree on the edge of the year with a few yellow leaves left.
Lots of leaves and a few shadows.
A lovable handsome cat always makes the photo collection so much better.
Have a fantastic day.

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