Friday, November 8, 2013

Making Them My Own

How about a few more journal pages?
From my day with Dyan Reavely.
Started in class and finished at home,
to put my own touch on a page.
It has always been important to me to do it my way-
stubborn old cuss that I am.
Funny how style is.
An intricate part of us that we have to discover and develop
but we can't really control it in a way either.
You learn techniques  and tricks and then make them more a part of you.
Your style is your soul speaking out, isn't it? Your style is really who you are,
down deep.
Its intimate.
Man oh man-
Think I am way too intense here.
Here's another page I finished up.
OK, since I am on a roll I must say that I just don't want people to look at these pages and say
oh they look very Dyan Reavely-ish.
Not that I would be insulted
I admire her success

 and she has a great style
but I just want my own style.
Especially with journal pages that are pretty personal.
Once again I am going to shut myself off.

I like to talk, talk, talk
or in this case
write, write, write.

Have a super Friday!!!!!
and thanks for visiting.


Tracy said...

You're right, we all have our own style and we need to embrace it. But every now and again it is good to visit someone else's style, just to find out what it is we like about it, and to force us out of our comfort zone. We learn new things we can incorporate into our own unique way of doing things. Our own heart ends up coming out no matter what, just as it has on your gorgeous pages :)

Tassy said...

Lovely art work- ce across this blog by searching for books on amazon!