Saturday, November 30, 2013

More International Books

OK, a few more international books that I've read .
Been thinking about these,
this is a great brain working topic for me.
Always good to work your brain a bit in a new way.
Thought I'd share a few more that have come to me.
Oldies but goodies, at least most of them.
First of all, this great Australian story-

Read this years ago but still remember it clearly.
Priest falling in love with a young woman...
The settling of Australia...

Then here's a book that I read twice- way back in high school and then in college-
can't say I remember much about it except that it wasn't my favorite book ever.
Too philosophical for me.

And then we have a book more my style

Like the Thorn Birds, I'm all for these great sweeping historical novels.
A good read for a cold winter weekend.
Or for a hot summer day when you want to cool off since it is set in Russia.

And I LOVE this mystery series.  I've read several.  This is the book that came out in 2012. Louise Penny is a Canadian Quebecois writer. Excellent writer.I recommend her. Her detective Inspector Gamache is such a hottie and kind of man you'd love to be married too-(not to say my husband is less than that...ha-ha)

And an excellent horror story. Though a real oldie-

And an Italian book that was a pretty quick read that I enjoyed.

Here's an interesting Iranian selection that we read for my book group a few years back. What I liked about this book is that is was non-fiction. Seeing how people live in other places is really interesting to me.

And a play we read back in a college literature class by a Norwegian author.

OK, and I never said we could include children's books, did I?
This is such a fun series.

A great Swedish author. A great character, Pippi, is a hoot.

And here's another book club book we read a few years back that I enjoyed.  The author grew up in Prague, back when it was Communist Czechoslovakia. This is a childhood memory, sweet, tender but interesting too.

That's it for books today. I showed you this last week and I am really enjoying this read. Learning a lot about Iceland and life there.

Have a great weekend.

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