Saturday, November 23, 2013

More International Reading

Thought I'd add a few more books to international reading list I started last Saturday.
I know I've read a lot more than I listed last week, but
who can think of everything you read in the last 50 years of your life?
(Man that makes me seem old-
50 years of reading,

I know, not exactly international as Pearl S. Buck was an American.

I'll be showing you more as I find  or remember them.
I am almost finished reading Elizabeth and her German Garden right now-
Product Details
It is a wonderful charming book and I think what strikes me most is that even though it was
 written in 1898,
yes 1898,
it seems so current in some ways.
And here's a new word for me-
a photo you take of yourself on your phone.
Love it.
Here's another book I am anxious to read

Product Image
This book is kind of a travel story of Iceland. Sarah Moss is British, so a little more of my international reading even though I read a lot of British authors so I guess it doesn't count.
But hey!
So I am off today to my craft store for their annual half back sale-
get a coupon for January for half of what you spend.
Love it!
Make it a good day.

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