Sunday, November 3, 2013

When You Get Travel Fever

Travel fever-
You get some classic symptoms.
Or should I say I get these symptoms!
-Restlessness in the everyday routine.
-The overwhelming desire to read travel magazine and travel guides.
-The books you crave are someone's travel stories.
-You search for cheap airfares or vacation deals online.
-You count the weeks until you get a vacation and some time to travel.
-You start planning next summer's or spring's vacation even though it is months away.
-When you see something on tv or the internet or read something you get this great idea for a trip you never had before.
-Even though you have some trips planned, they aren't enough to hold you over anymore.
This is where I am at right now!!!!!!
The end of this month we have a little adventure planned-
and hopefully,
if the snow holds off
that little adventure will get a little bigger and more
International even.
But that part isn't certain yet.
This is where we will be going right after Thanksgiving.
(See photo below)
Its about a 3 hour drive from my home in New Hampshire in the next state west.
Its a great small city I have visted a several of times
(my hubby goes there every other week for work)
but there's always more to explore and new things to discover.
And if the snow holds off we'll be heading just a little further north from Burlington.
All I'll say about that is 

and with that I will leave you
"au revoir pour aujourd'hui"

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