Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Not Quite Typical Valentine

Today a simple card that pops a bit of color. 
I started with a green base and stenciled a white doily design on this background. I used Tim Holtz's new doily stencil and some white Distress Paint.
Stamper's Anonymous / Tim Holtz - Layering Stencil - Doily
I'm having trouble getting a clear image when using this stencil- I think it works better when I use it as more of a mask-inking the stencil and then turning it over to stamp the lace. How about any of you readers? Do you know what I mean?
Anyhow, I hand cut the heart because I wanted it to be a little less perfect- using some older Basic Grey Paper in my stash. I outlined it with red Sharpie, and then embossed this little love image from Autumn Leaves which I have had forever. 
Remember Autumn Leaves stamps? I loved their stamps and like lots of good companies, they've gone out of business or gotten eaten up and digested and are now gone. Seems like there's been a lot of those companies disappearing lately.
Anyhow, finally I added some red Stickles around the heart edges.
As it I said, simple but colorful. Not your typical red or pink.

So we are in for the big storm today- the one that hit the southeast yesterday and is moving up the coast.
So tired of winter.
I'm in this little slump right now- really wishing I could do something to shake up my life.
Not wishing for anything bad or even really life changing, but something like a long trip or something exciting would do it.
Get me out of this school routine which is bringing me down- seems like all you do in the winter is get up, go out into the cold, spend the day inside at work, and then go back out into the cold, go home and be inside. Days are short and I am craving sunshine.
And not even summer warm, but warmer than we've had here most of the winter.
Sorry for the complaining, but this storm is bringing out this winter mental slump right now.
I've been fighting it for a few weeks now. Some winters I get through better than I am right now.
I just keep saying to myself, you're going away in 1 1/2 weeks. 
You can get through it.
You can get through it.
Thanks for listening and I hope you aren't in the middle of all this snow and ice too!
Enjoy your day!

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