Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Silly and Cheery

Here's a playful creation for Valentine's Day.
Not quite a one layer wonder but pretty close.
And I say that with my tongue in my cheek.
This card is SOOOOO PINK!
I would have made it larger but it was just too much pink in the photo- didn't look that way in person.
I stared by using some raspberry Adirondack ink on the circle background stamp. I found I got a better image if I misted the inked stamp with some water. You can see on the bottom left where I didn't do that. Guess the wetter ink seeps into the rough spots on the paper.
Then I used watermelon Adirondack ink to stamp the center image right over the circles.
I love these funny flowers from paper Smooches, and one of them seemed appropriate with the saying (Chocolate Baroque).
Perky Plants stamps from Paper Smooches
Words of Love Unmounted Rubber stamp sheet - A6
Chocolate Baroque Words of Love rubber stamps.
The little red hearts art first stamped (some old Martha Stewart images) and then some red Stickles were added.
Sp speaking of silly and cheery-
I was shopping in Target the other day. My daughter wanted a Valentine gift for her boyfriend, and I got the biggest kick out of all the different Valentine's candy they sell.
Some of its pretty silly.
These Lindt chocolate frogs are adorable.  Love what the box says-Kiss a frog and find your prince.

I think someone couldn't wait to get at this guy. He's a hoot.

Not to insult you if you are a fan, but would anyone really want Duck Dynasty chocolates?
I will admit I don't watch the show.

I love this big fish.  I would have bought it for the hubby if he ate chocolate.  You can't fully read the label but it says You're a Keeper. Ha-ha.
I got him this though. Gummy worms and jelly fish.

They had all these Mickey things on sale.  They looked lots of fun. 
I guess whatever you want you can find it.
And if you want a good -wow-look at all the candy-
like me-
you can go check it out.
Hope to see you again soon.

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