Friday, March 28, 2014

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

I was a little bold using these die cut bunnies on my page, but they were sitting on my table, the card they were suppose to be having not worked out. So I added them, and those little wiggly eyes, and lots of cottontail paint dots all over my background. Some doodled and colored fleurs, some white pen words, that rounds off this page.
I personally really like these bunnies.
They are the springy-est thing I've seen here in New Hampshire where winter is doing her darndest to hang on. Been seeing everyone's pretty spring photos of crocuses popping up and bare ground.
What is that?
All the bare ground here is pretty much pavement or mud.
Where there is bare ground that is.
Augh, spring is officially here (though you can't always tell outside) and next week,
without much fanfare
April will arrive.
Maybe winter will finally get the message its time to slide on back into hibernation for several months.
Thanks for stopping by.


Susan Carol said...

I love lyour bunnies! And the backround is lovely too, it makes the bunnies really pop :)

Tracy said...

Those wiggly eyes make it for me :)