Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Week in Review

What a regular old week this has been. Nothing wild or unusual but some simple regular excitement. You might say "Oh wow" sarcastically, but even though small, they are very exciting to me. 
Winter finally started its turn over into spring; I had some dental work done; I finished up the last few day of classes before exams, and actually worked out most days now that Dave finally moved our old elliptical from the basement to up in front of the tv.
Here's a last Saturday view of my backyard.
Here's Monday.
And here was Wednesday. The rest of the yard is still pretty white, but small steps are huge steps in the melt department.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this melting snow.
I have definitely been fighting some season distress and having some warm days in the 50's and seeing spring return has been a great lift for my spirits.

I also finished reading this book.
I found this book an interesting and easy read, but I don't like that it says that its a novel on the cover.  It is fiction, but you never get to know any of the characters very well and in a novel you do. Or should according to my reading rules. I wish I had gotten to know some of the characters better rather than meeting and hardly getting to know any of the characters.
What I did like about this book is that it did pick up the flavor of northern New Mexico, a place I love, and where I was just a little over a month ago.
I also like how she address woman's life in WWII and right afterwards.
And how she address the dropping of the 2 bombs in Japan at end the war.
Than I took a complete change of pace and started this book.
 To jump start me out of my March slump I decided I needed some creative thought inspiration.
This books is excellent- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  Natalie Goldberg is a writing instructor of some fame, and who knew she painted. And how she compares painting to writing is thought changing for me. And how she paints is also thought changing for me too.
Read this book if you haven't yet.
That's all I can say.
And I went on a magazine splurge.
EEKS, magazines get so expensive.
Plus found this very useful book to start planning my summer vacation.

Already my nebulous million trillion ideas are starting to take some direction and shape.
More to come on my summer travels later.
And I rewatched this movie I saw years ago while riding the elliptical this week. So much better to work out while you watch tv rather than stare at the mice running by you in the basement.
And found my first ice cream stand that was OPEN!! Oh yeah, sure sign of the upcoming season. Had a kiddie size dish of kahlua fudge brownie.
That's my week condensed down into the size of a peanut shell. Lots more little things, but that's the highlights.

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