Sunday, April 20, 2014

Can You Notice a Trend

Hope everyone had a great Sunday and a nice Easter if you celebrate. We ate too much but had a very nice visit with my family down in Massachusetts. My parmesan cheese potatoes which I thought I could partially cook and then finish at my moms were a little crunchy (oh no) but my lemon cream pie was delicious. The only problem is half of it came home with us and that means it will be sitting in the frig tempting me (and Dave) to eat. Oh no. Unless I can have pie for breakfast. Which might not be the worst if I can justify that the cream topping has calcium and milk value and the lemon is fruit and vitamin C.
No?  Doesn't work?

One thing I love about having the elliptical out of the basement and in my living room if that I use it. Well I have to bribe myself. Even though I am serious about shaping up. Dropping weight. I have been on a good (though not perfect) eating routine since last fall, but man oh man, the exercise makes a huge difference.
My trick has been to pull an old movie while I sweat.
Find something in the drawer that I haven't seen in a long time.
The exercise feels good but I LOVE watching these movies.
To be honest, I am more motivated by the movies than by the exercise and if that's what it takes, it works.
Here's what I've been viewing as I sweat and tread along hoping it might make some kind of a difference.

Can you pick out the theme that I am obsessed with right now?
Maybe because I am in countdown mode to my spring break.
No plans firmed up yet. But at the end of this week I get a week off, and I can't wait. I'm hoping for a week of playing, doing a few LITTLE chores, getting outside and a taking  little road trip. Not sure where or even whether it will all really happen, but whatever I do end up doing is perfect since at least I don't have to get up and go to work. For a week.
I am excited for the break.
I've rented a few movies to watch lately too.
I want to see this because one-all the teenagers at school are talking about it (and so it has to be good if teenagers want to see it) and because the woman who did this movie-Jennifer Lee- is a grad from the University of New Hampshire and she's speaking at this years graduation-which I will be at since Katie's graduating.

Not the best X-Men movie, but hey, its good entertainment and it has Hugh Jackman in it so it can't be completely bad. 

This movie was really well done, totally surprised me at the end and had interesting characters. I see why it got a nod by the Academy. I can't say it was really my kind of movie, but I am glad I saw it.
And this movie was excellent.  You've probably seen it by now but it is worth it.  What a great story and so well done.
I have a few other movies I want to rent and see. They include August-Osage County, Philomena. 
Any other suggestions?
What are you excited about lately?

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