Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It Is April

It is so exciting that we have made it to April. This past March was a killer in the weather department. Not really any BIG snow storms but more days with January cold than March warming up and the ground stayed pretty white.
Have I said this all a million times before?
But now it is April and I know we have turned the corner on winter.
I can feel it in my bones.
So I haven't shown you many winter photos this year
(Who wants to see it?)
but think it's time to show you what I'm looking at.
(And maybe you are too. So if you are, and this is too familiar
just skip on through.)
This is my driveway.
And  my upper driveway off the back deck.
But it is April and I am expecting this all to magically melt in the next week or 2 and then it will dry up so by the time my school vacation rolls around I can rake and work in my gardens.
Oh how I long to do get my hands in some dirt.
Speaking of gardens.
Saturday night I drove down to the airport in Manchester to pick up my friend Vicky who spent a couple months out in New Mexico, and who I went to visit at the end of February.
And look what she brought me!
 This adorable garden pig who I named Penelope since she had such lovely long curly eyelashes.
I saw these rustic animals in a Mexican shop in Taos and I really wanted to buy one, but didn't.

 Thought it might be a pain to get it home and even though it wasn't expensive, I wanted to think it over. You don't what else you might end up buying (like a gorgeous blown glass bear and a stunning necklace).  
Here's a couple I was considering while there, but I think Penelope is much cuter than either of these.
She's similar to the blue pig but as you can see is black and white with long curly pink eyelashes.
And now Penelope has a new home in New Hampshire, and I'm sure she will be quite happy out in my garden.  Being a pig she might even love all this mud to roll in, but I think we'll keep her clean and inside until the weather clears up.
No April fools here.
Hope you stop back again soon.

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