Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Only a Little Bit of Art Time

Not much time for art this past 3 day weekend-it was crazy. Home improvement and gardening and a lot of nursing is what I spent my time doing. But after spending most of the day Monday at the emergency vet with my 14 year old puppy dog, and he was able to come home, I did manage to squeak out this art journal page.
To celebrate that he was still in our lives.
He ended up back in the vets on Tuesday morning since he seemed to be sinking a little bit more.  Our vet send him off to a canine cardiologist, and low and behold, he has a treatable condition-pulmonary hypertension.
Here he is in an oxygen tent getting some air into his lungs! What a difference 20 minutes with oxygen made; my puppy was coming back to his old self. Hopefully the meds will work and he'll be able to spend some more time with us. I know he's an old man, but he's still got some life left in him.
It was a couple of roller coaster days for us-convinced he wasn't going to make it and then suddenly feeling some hope. When the cardiologist told us he could be treated, my daughter cried tears of joy. I felt a huge weight lifted from my soul. Do a little dance joy. It just didn't feel like it was his time to go. Especially since all his blood work was really good and x-rays didn't show anything abnormal except his arthritis, which we already knew he had. My regular vet said she just didn't think it was a hopeless case and that we should go see the cardiologist. She thought he might have a treatable condition, and she said she'd seen dogs come back from conditions worse than his.
I just hope today the call from the vet hospital will be more good news!
That's my Harl. He's always had enthusiasm for living.

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