Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Not a very original title, eh?
Oh well, guess we can't be wildly creative every day.
Here's a journal page I made last week. I found these flowers that I  made earlier this spring -they were buried under some cardboard when I picked up the studio the other day. They're die cut from fabric (and screening) and then treated with a fabric stiffening product (Plaid Stiffy Fabric Stiffener).  I like the look of the screening. What do you think?
I drew and cut the today letters out from some watercolor paper. I made those letters kind of big because I wanted them to really stand out. Kept them white for that reason too.  I tucked the journaling onto the bottom right corner because I only wanted to say a little bit, and not make that the centerpiece of my page.
I also used a bit of stamping, doodling, ink spraying and stenciling with paint.

Hope you enjoyed this little piece of creative journaling. That's all for today.

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Florence said...

Called in to say Hi Erika. Fab journal page. Love the little flowers. Have you ever made flowers from synthetic fabric and then blast them with a heat gun. The curl up and hold there shape. You do need to experiment with different fabrics though.
Flo x