Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Summery Day on the Ocean

The fishing didn't exactly pay off but my hubby and I had a great day out in our boat on Sunday.
It felt like summer. I got hot and decided it was best just to sit back, enjoy the light sea breeze and relax. Snap a bunch of photos and play with the zoom lens the hubby bought me for Christmas. Awe.  Summer. In fact his truck thermometer said it was 91 degrees when we came in.
If that's not summer, I don't know what is.

On our journey we saw so many things.  We passed under 4 bridges. We passed by a big ugly power station. We passed a few mansions. We passed 2 lighthouses, one jetty and a naval shipyard. Never mind the commercial fishing ships, some gorgeous old homes, lots of kayaks, paddle boarders, small boats, big boats...every time we go out we see the same things and so many different things no 2 trips is ever close to being the same. Sunday we missed seeing a sub come up the river, but I suppose we wouldn't have seen that much anyhow. Since it was a submarine that is.
I'm sure I'll be showing you lots more photos as the boating season continues on.
Maybe I'll even catch a fish or 2.
Or see the bald eagles who are nesting along the river.
Or go for a swim off the back of the boat.
Its always an adventure around here.
What kind of adventures might you be going on this summer?


bindu saju said...

Lovely photos Erica. I love the way you capture the bird just above water...Wow! That is beautiful. Hope to get more of the lovely photos throughout this summer.

Florence said...

Fabulous photos Erica. TFS.
Florence x