Thursday, June 12, 2014

Blue Cards

 Just a couple of cards today. They share the same blue background and the fact I used embossing folders to make the backgrounds.
This one got a bit wrinkled when I put it down and I found when I went to fix it it was only making a bigger mess, so I left it.
On both of these I also used some dark blue midnight ink and rubbed it over the embossed folder, just to give it a bit more depth.
They are both have such a different feel. One a bit more formal and one a little lighter and fun.
Not sure which one I like better, since they are so different.
My daughter scoffed up these and used them for thank you notes for some graduation gifts she got.
Lucky her to have such a nice mom!
Have a great day.


bindu saju said...

Lovely cards. You are making beautiful cards. I wonder how you made those brown branches and leaves on the first card. So beautiful

Florence said...

Wonderful cards. Really like how you have used the embossing folders on the background. Very effective. TFS.
Florence xx