Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I had a very nice trip down to visit my mom yesterday.
I brought down lunch and afterwards we sat outside on her porch and chatted for like 4 hours. While we chatted I sat there and knitted some more of my patriotic scarf. It was a very hot day but there was a nice breeze.  Exactly the kind of afternoon my mother loves.
And Sunday we spent the day with my husband's family.

(counter-clockwise starting with the girl on the left in the chair) My daughter, sister-in-law, my niece and 2 of her friends enjoying the afternoon on the dock.
Afterwards there was a run on the margaritas. Here you can see both of my husband's sisters and my daughter and on the right my niece. Somehow my mother-in-law moved back to miss being in the photo. We were teasing her since she had already poured herself a glass of wine and then got handed a margarita. A two fisted drinker.
While we relaxed and chatted the guys were busy fixing the deck that got ripped apart by this past winter's ice.
They stopped a lot and went for a lot of swims and also for a few beer breaks  so its not like they didn't get any play time either.
So now the July heat is really here, along with the high humidity, I plan on spending my day inside the nice cool house. Sounds like a good art day to me!
I think today is Canada Day too for those you just north of me over the border. Happy day to you.
And wherever you are have a great day yourself !

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bindu saju said...

Just wondering what kind of yarn you are using for the scarf. Thanks for the Canada Day wishes. The pictures are so nice. Thanks for sharing your family fun. i am guessing you will show new art piece tomorrow.