Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Frame It

So I have been doing some cleaning around the house this summer. A little here and a little there. Decluttering! Feels good to do that.
Was going through some of my stash at the end of last week and came across a box of rubber stamps I haven't used in a very very long time. Kind of forgot I had them actually. And in that box were these 2 very cool frame stamps. Love them. Its a discovery that put a smile on my face and got me using them to make these 2 cards.
I bet I've had these stamps for 10 years.
I am going to use them some more too. Not sure on what, but I love their carved blockiness.
Have you ever discovered something you've had and forgotten about? 
Its like getting something new only you don't have to spend any cash because you already have it.
That's all for me today. I am off to do some curriculum work for a couple hours for school . Here is where I would love to add a sad face.  Luckily it is at a friend's home and she lives right on the ocean-lucky lucky lady- and so maybe a swim or a kayak trip on the bay! Here is where I put in a smiley face!
See you again soon.

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bindu saju said...

Cool work. Wish I have time to come and see your work each day...