Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Page 1

Today I show you a journal page to remember 2 events-2 days out with my friend who visited last weekend from North Carolina. No photos (would have but my printer isn't printing well), but I included a parking receipt, a clue to what we did, some tags and a background that I hated at first but then played with and now like. Pink and orange are pretty fun together. But the black on the edging before I went and stenciled all over the page-eeks, made my page look like a Halloween page.
Much more summery now. The black is just enough peeking through to border the page.
 And the tags, although nothing wildly journalistic, have enough of the right colors to work. 

Thanks for visiting.

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bindu saju said...

Very pretty page. The black is just right on the border. Being with friends in the summer! beautiful page to remember about happy gathering.