Thursday, July 10, 2014

Page 2 and Books

Today, a page to convey my emotions. Nothing too fancy, but it was a week I was trying to pull myself together and get back into the emotional swing of the world. A calm background, a folder to represent trying to organize and make sense of things- and also to file away some sadness. Flowers are blooming for rebirth. Plus it was early June and the gardens were starting to blossom and I was all about playing in the dirt. OK, not too wild in the creatively department but it surprisingly helped me a lot. Actually, when I made this page I wasn't at all thinking about any of those things. At least not consciously. But when I posted and wrote this those things were staring me blatantly in the face. 
And how about a couple of books?
This book is very clever. It is the story of Flora 717, one of the bees in the hive. And not only is it about Flora 717, but it is from her eyes-Flora animated with some human qualities. What's the word that means to give an animal human traits? I can't think of it right now. Anyhow, I have found myself sucked in...I can now see how we humans have made the environment tougher for those little honey bees (from Flora's eyes), and seeing what a honey bee actually is up against and also how the hive works as a team. Wow- it does make you think from a different perspective. But mostly, it is enjoyable and a fast read too.

And I also read this book- which could be 2 seperate books. The first part is a world journey/scavenger hunt this mother and daughter team took. The second part is where they go to spend some time in Southern France (Avignon). The whole book's theme is about mothers and daughters, which is very interesting since it falls into where  my life is right now. My daughter is very different from Mia (the daughter in the book) but  is approximately the age of my daughter. And Mom is my age.
OK, I loved the world trip part. The scavenger hunt idea is great and there's enough travel and philosophy to make it just right. (Sounds like I am talking about Goldilocks and the 3 bears here.) The second part was good enough where I had to finish the book but the story didn't focus on France as much as it did mother/daughter relationships. A little too new age for me, but, if you are looking for a mother/daughter read, I would recommend it.
OK- enough chatter for today. Time to get moving. I am going for a hike today! I'll tell you about it tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.

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bindu saju said...

The flowers in the heart, and I love that. Reading, hiking, being with friends, your summer is very interesting.