Friday, July 18, 2014

Volcanoes and Blooms

How about a few more trip photos? We've been checking out, learning about and taking some little rambles around 2 volcanoes.
 The big boy- Mount Rainier.

This mountain is capped with a lot of glaciers and is so big it doesn't look real. It doesn't even look half as big in the photos as it did in real life.

 Love these mountain views.

And these blooms too.

And this lady exploded in 1980. I remember when it happened. Do you?
Mount St. Helen's.
It is greening up around it now. But it's been 34 years and it is pretty amazing when you look at the devastation in 1980 how much life has been coming back.
 And the wild flowers are so gorgeous right now I've got to show you some more.

 And I was hoping to see Big Foot, a Sasquatch, cross the road.
And look what I found?

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bindu saju said...

Beautiful photos. Your Big Foot is a good one too.