Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Best Made Plans

So yesterday I spent the morning playing with paint. I was having a ball, when the phone rang. I saw the call was from my brother.
Sunday night my brother had called me to tell me one of my favorite uncles had had a major stroke and was down in the hospital in Massachusetts near his son. 
Seeing my brother's number yesterday I was a little worried we had lost my uncle. Well it looks like his stroke was serious enough that we will most likely be losing him. It is really sad- even though he is 89 and up to this stroke was living independently and still enjoying life. I keep telling myself that to live up into your 89th year independently and healthy and active is a huge gift.
The call made me decide I needed to go see my uncle before I might not be able to go see him again.
Anyhow, with my hands covered in paint and all my paintings and canvases drying, I hopped in the shower, got dressed in some decent clothes and then drove 2 hours down to the hospital to see my uncle. And my cousin, his son,with my cousin's wife and my brother was there with his wife. My uncle slept a lot but he did give me a kiss and a hug as best he could. He definitely have some issues with one side of his body. I'm glad he recognized me and was happy to see me. As was my cousin too.
We had some good conversation though, and I feel really good that I got to have that time with this part of my family.
But who thought when I rolled out of bed I'd be doing a pretty big road trip that afternoon.
Here's a sampling of a few unfinished backgrounds I was working on yesterday before I hit the road. I have some others I'll show you some other day.
Photos are untouched-not cropped, no color fixing! Digital photos are always kind of grey (I think) until you brighten them up a bit.

Luckily I can hang home today, play with paint some more and enjoy this sunny day.  I don't plan on going anywhere.
Or so I think right now.
Thanks for stopping by.

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Sandy Leigh said...

Thanks so much for your visit! So glad I found your blog--your gelli prints are gorgeous. I am finally going to break down and buy a gelli plate! Have a good week.