Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Decisions to Make

Do you think this page needs more of a focal point? The background is so busy, but I still love it. I had all these leftover little hummingbird die cuts from another project so I decided to add them here. At first I painted them but I wish I had left them white so they would stand out, but I suppose that having the accents of the 2 white ones in the girls flowers makes those 2 stand out more than if I had left all of the white.
I love hummingbirds.
 I will deconstruct my page for you to see how it ended up so overdone.
This is before the middle piece got colored and the birds got added and I journaled and all the other pieces were put onto the page. I had a green painted background and I had this scrap of a die alphabet laying on my table. It had been there for awhile, and I decided instead of throwing it out I would try it here in my journal.
 The white clouds happened because I had used this cloud stencil (Crafter's Workshop) with white paint on a painting I am doing and decided to clean my stencil on some journal pages. I used a baby wipe to clean the stencil and rubbed it over the cut out parts of the stencil. That transfers the image lightly onto my journal page.
And cleans my stencil.
I use this cloud stencil a lot. Maybe that's where my soul is floating around. Or my brain. Or I wish I could be.
Because of the clouds I decided to add the hummingbirds. 
And here is the page before the clouds got added. My green painted background, my alphabet remnants and some Washi tape.Pretty dull. I do think that even though it is busy this starter page looks much better now.

So we're having a really dark and wet day here in New Hampshire. They say heavy rain is coming in this afternoon. I was going to go into school and set up my room but don't feel like driving in heavy rain. Plus, its so dark and kind of takes your ambition away.  Tomorrow is suppose to be cloudy but not wet so it would be a better day to drive the 35 miles to where I teach.
I am at the point where I need to go into school and set up my room but I don't want to. Once I do it will then the reality that I go back in 1 1/2 weeks will be slapping me in the face. I feel guilty about not going in, but then again, I am savouring every last day of my vacation. Playing and finishing up some chore projects on my list. Wanting to have a little fun before my days are scheduled.
Decision made. I will stay home and play today. Writing that down really helped.
Hope you have a day with lots of playing and having fun.

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sheila 77 said...

Oh, I really, really like your "overdone" page, there is so much of interest to look at and there is the focal point of the girl and the white bird, nice work.