Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Elephants Never Forget

Howdy. I'm here with some art to show you. Monday I was feeling a bit under the weather and spent a big chunk of my day playing in my journal. Somehow having fun makes you feel a lot better. Especially when you aren't feeling up to cleaning the shower or gardening or vacuuming out your car or other things which some folks  might think of as productive. 
Actually sometimes my Puritanical New England self gets on my own case and tries to convince me that I should be doing something more productive than just playing. 
I'm getting MUCH better at controlling that part of myself, but I'm not completely beyond those thoughts yet.
Only Monday I didn't have an ounce of Puritanical New England self in me.
So  I had a productive day not only having fun but trying some new materials and some new techniques.
 So the top photo of my dreamer page is not complete but  the colors photographed better than my finished page did.
I made the background by lightly spraying water on my paper and then dropping some Distress Reinker inks onto that paper. I used a paper towel to blot. I used that same damp paper towel to color the elephant once I stamped it. It was great because I could  use some markers to color the blanket. The base color of the elephant wasn't too dark to color over. Then
I stamped and stamped and stamped.
I put my page aside at this point and went out to get the mail.
The sun was just at the right angle and while walking up my gravel driveway I saw the glint of mica chips. That's what my page needed. So I picked up a few chips, brought them in, did a bit of crumbling and peeling and added some mica to my page background.
You can see some of those chips very clearly in the snapshot. The color is a little more pink than it really is, but ignore that.
So I will try to remember to tell my Puritanical New England self (next time she acts up) that my play day was very productive.  
Do you ever have to argue with yourself when you're playing and making some art?
Thanks for visiting me.

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