Saturday, August 23, 2014

It Should Be a Fabulous Day

I am wrapping up this week with a great day planned. At least I suspect it is going to be a great day.
First of all I am off to take 2  arty classes with Dina Wakely.
You can check out her blog here: Ponderings
 I get to play in my journal all day and I suspect learn some fun new techniques. I have been lucky enough to take classes with Dina twice before and I really really got a lot out of them. I just hope that now she is working for Ranger Inc. it doesn't becomes a big sales pitch.
Plus she's going to be at my favorite craft store so I image I will want to do a little bit of shopping too.
Not that I should. I did buy some new paints for myself the other day.
But who's gonna tell on me if I do get a new little gizmo or two today?
And tonight the new season of Dr. Who begins on BBC America. With a new doctor!
Curious to see how Peter Capaldi plays the role. I have been watching Dr. Who since back in the early 1980's when our local PBS station played the episodes on Saturday afternoons. I think I have seen every episode ever made, well at least a lot of them, and I have my favorite doctors. Wonder where this latest incarnation of the Doctor will fit in.
Next week I should have some photos of my classes today-or at least the creative results of them. And maybe even an opinion or two of the new Dr.
Have a fantastic day!

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