Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tall Ships

 Friday afternoon the hubby and I were out fishing in his boat when 2 tall ships sailed into Portsmouth (New Hampshire, USA). Way cooler than seeing them tied to a dock.
There were actually a lot of people checking them out too. We took a break from our fishing and did a little loop around them in the boat.

 Very romantic actually. My imagination makes me wonder what it was like when these were what you saw in harbors and at sea, not power boats of all shapes and sizes, not yachts or fishing trawlers.
Probably not the most comfortable place to be for months on end though.

We had an exciting day on the water too. Besides these beauties we had to find safe harbor and anchor down while a thunderstorm blew through.
First time we ever did that.
The boat isn't very large but luckily it has a small little cuddy cabin where we store gear. We went in there and sat. I hoping to get a lightning shot but also wasn't going to risk getting fried to do so.

It really poured. I snapped this through the cuddy cabin door before we had to close it since the rain was blowing in.
Afterwards when we headed back to the boat ramp it was really quiet on the water. Guess everyone headed in before the storm and called it a day. 
I kind of liked being out there afterwards though. It was calm, quiet and the light was really nice.
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