Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I sometimes like  being a domestic gardener. Last Saturday was one of those days.
It was cloudy and I wanted to fertilize the garden-get some nutrients onto the soil so the evening's rain could wash it into the soil-give those plants a little time to absorb it into their roots before those roots go dormant. My friend Vicky told me about this fertilizer.
Have you tried it? I ordered a small bottle from Amazon and thought I would see how it works, Will see if it was worth the cost-it was a tad bit expensive. But then, what isn't? I might have to wait until next spring for the results, but I can be patient.
And I planted a bag of crocus bulbs I had picked up at Costco.
Hope I remembered to turn some these so they will grow in the right direction next spring, ha-ha.
But I didn't take care of my burdock problem. The (grrrr) weeds have taken over my rhubarb plot and now there is no rhubarb.
The fall flowers are pretty though. Still, I'd rather have the rhubarb.
And I picked 4 gigantic zucchinis from the garden and decided to try making some freezer pickles.
I have never made freezer pickles before. The cookbook I used said you could substitute zucchini for cucumbers. So  I thought, why not give it a try? 
Super easy. Slice, let sit in salt a couple of hours, add your vinegar "broth", refrigerate for 8-10 hours, then put into Ziploc bags and freeze. Too easy not to try.
This is it. The recipe that is in case you have any interest in trying some.
Tried a bread and butter freezer pickle recipe the other night too. 
These were even easier-slice, put in the ingredients, sit in the fridge a couple of days and then freeze.
 Think I have enough pickles as well as zucchini bread. Either time to get something new to use up my exploding zucchini numbers with or just give up and compost any left overs.  No sense bringing them to work as there's already a big pile for takers there.
This weekend coming up I am traveling. Taking a little journey  Down East, way up on the coast of Maine. I am excited to go, though I am going for my uncle's funeral. A sad reason. But the service will a celebration of his life. I don't expect it to be a huge downer service. Uncle Bob lived 89 wonderful years. He was slowing down but still living a rich active life when he had a serious stroke back in August.
If only we all could live like that.
The hubby and I are both taking Friday off since we need to travel to get there for an early Saturday morning service. Hoping the weather is good so we can do a little sightseeing on our way and make the most of this 4+ hour trip.
I am excited to go back to the area. I have wonderful childhood memories there. It was because of that area that I studied biology in college. 
I am sure I will have photos to share with you next week.
So not much else to add today.
Thanks for stopping by.

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