Sunday, September 21, 2014

Down East

  A little weekend journey is good for the soul. Even if the reason for the journey was  for a Memorial service for your uncle. That part was very sad but spending some time with my brother and my cousin was a big positive. And being by the ocean, in Maine-always a big positive.
One of my all time favorite places in the whole world.

This scene in a very very vague way reminds me of Andrew Wyeth's painting- Christina's World.
Don't ask me why, except for maybe the dirt tire tracks and the field.
I love the details in this house siding.
The hub- with the kissing trees.

Isn't this a cool moth? It looks like a piece of dead leaf.
And of course you need to have some local cuisine- 2 of my favorites- a clam roll and native blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream.

How could a weekend like this not make you smile? Even with my tears at the Memorial service, I still had a few smiles. My uncle loved this place, his home, and as a kid I had visited several times and had some happy memories of my own.

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