Monday, September 29, 2014

Gorgeous Weekend

What a gorgeous summery weekend it was! We went from fall like weather back to summer! And it worked out perfectly to reach us on the weekend since we are now going back into autumn.
We went out on the boat and had a beautiful day rafting up with my sister-in-law and her husband.
Here's me-it was afternoon cocktails time. The hubby is not paying any attention behind me and that's my brother-in-law in the foreground.
Have you ever heard of an island closing? Must be because the state owns it and they are doing some end of season work before winter arrives.

Don't throw a soggy cracker in the ocean. These gulls think you're feeding them and they swarm at you.
Very very cool cormorant island.
 This was really neat to me.
The haunted island hotel and conference center. Closed until next summer.

I guess it could be awful walking from the house to the lighthouse so the keeper built this covered walkway.

Lots of sun. Lots of scenery. Lots of birds. A little  beer. Fresh air! Good company.
Couldn't ask for a better Saturday.

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